What Is Important Programming Languages For Computers

What Is Important Programming Languages

A computer is a machine and it can not understand our colloquial language. For this, the programs are written in a special type of language. These languages are known as programming languages. Nowadays hundreds of such languages are in circulation. These languages work to establish communication or communication between computers and programmers. The computer works by understanding the instructions given through them. Different types of languages are used for different tasks done by the computer. Here are some key programming languages:

Important Programming Languages

What Is Important Programming Languages

Low-Level Languages

Those languages which are designed to keep the internal functioning of the computer in mind, are called Low Language Languages. The person writing the program must be aware of the internal computer system. This is called low-level language because in writing the program it is entirely up to the computer that this programming can be divided into two languages.

1. Machine Languages
A commuter is a machine which can only understand electrical signals. These electrical signals are displayed by off or 0 (zero) and one or 1 (one). These digits are called binary numbers. The computer can only understand the instructions given in these binary numbers. We call Machine Language, which is made from these binary numbers. E.g. 0100100011100110011

2. Assembly Languages –
And belly languages are languages that are based entirely on machine language. But in place of the series of 0 and 1, some letters of English and some selected words are used as codes. These codes are known as numerical codes or literal codes.

3. High-Level Languages
As it was told for low-level language, it is important to have knowledge of the internal functioning of the computer to write the program. Second, each computer has its own separate machine language and assembly language. Therefore, a program written in these languages for one type of computer becomes useless for other types of computers. Therefore, such programming languages were developed which are not based on the internal functioning of the system and it is possible to run programs written in any type of system. These languages are called high-level languages. In the highly-level programming language, the marks used in the chosen English words and ordinary mathematics are used. Writing programs in these languages, finding the mistakes and improving them is easier than Low-Level Language. All programs are written in high level language.

High-level programming languages can also be divided into two categories according to their nature.

1. Procedure Oriented Languages
2. Problem Oriented Languages

Chief High-Level Language:
1. Basic
2. Forron
3. Logo
5. Pascal
6 C.
7. C ++
8. Algol
9. Komal
10. Pilot
12. Prolog
13. Fourth Generation Language (4GL)




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