What Is a Software? & Types Of Software


Today I will tell you What Is a Software? & Types Of Software The software is a program. When we use the computer, we use various hardware devices. Eg Keyboards, mouse, monitor, printer etc. Specific instructions (programs) are used to use all these devices. That instruction is called the software.

This means that software is a program which designed to make use of various devices on the computer.

These are the two main type of computer software.

1. System Software
2. Application Software



The type of software used by the computer is called system software. It’s background software that helps the computer to control its internal resources. A system is not a single program but includes many programs.

System software consists mainly of the following programs.

1. Operating System

After the computer is started, the program that starts with it is the operating system. It is impossible to use a computer without the operating system. To use a computer, the computer has to install an operating system. You can install the operating system as per your requirement. Eg Windows

Work on Operating System:

1. Providing User Interface: While using the computer you see the various graphical information. This is possible by all operating system. This means that the operating system provides a visual interchange between the computer and the user.

2. Managing Resources: While using a computer, many programs run on a computer screen. The operating system controls all of these.

3. Running Applications: The operating system operates and manages various computer applications.


While using the computer many problems arise. Sometimes the computer becomes hanging suddenly. The Computer disk space becomes full, files spolied. Utilities are important for their solutions.

The utility programs are used to solve problems when working on computers.

The below utility is available in the window operating system. Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragment, Backup, Troubleshoot etc.


Software is a program that can be used on a computer to access any hardware. Those hardware programs are called device drivers. Device Drivers is a program related to that hardware, which allows you to use that hardware.

Eg. If you have a new printer or a scanner device, you will have to install that device’s device before using it. Only then can you use a printer or scanner device.



The Software that you use on a computer is called an application software.

While using the computer, we use various applications available in the computer for various types of work. Eg Paint, Notepad, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. These all are examples of application software.

Paint is a drawing of applications software. Using paint application you can draw a picture on the computer. Also, M.S Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint etc. Applications software is used for the various types of work on the computer.

You can also use special application software to perform professional level works on a computer. Such as Photoshop, Pagemaker, Coral Drawn, etc.

For Example, With the help of photoshop, you can do many things such as making attractive photos with various effects, making black and white photo color. There are many things that can be done with the help of Pagemaker. Such as making Visiting Cards, preparing letterheads, preparing a biodata, book, magazines designs etc.

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