Top 5 Unique Apps Under 5 MB

Top 5 Unique Apps Under 5 MB

Today, you are going to tell about 5 fun apps that have less than 5 MB size. This is a great app. It is a unique app. If you talk about less than 5 MB App in today, then let’s go. Startup


Motion Detector Pro

This app is one of the most secure apps. The specialty of this app is that when you install it, it asks you to send your mail id to which you have to sign in this app, you can use it as a camera and If there is any Moment in front of its camera, then it sends your photo and sends it to your E-mail id, its size is less than 5 MB, its rating is 3.9, it is a very great app.


Bubble Launcher


If you have to enjoy Apple-like on your Android phone, then you can install this app. This app is less than 5 MB app. You can change the background in it.


Panels (Multitasking)

Panels is a unique application that gives you control over your smartphone in a very simple way. Panels are the first of its kind where it has all the most used android features built into it, all just a swipe or a click away. Replace your App Drawer with Panels.


Music Player

This app is one of my favorite apps. This app’s name is music player. You can edit your music in it, below are some of its features.

  • Support all the most popular music file formats.
  • Browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, genre, playlists, folders.
  • Support quick search hot free online music video/MV.
  • Quick search and watch the relative online free music videos through artist/track.


Calculator Vault- Gallery Lock

These apps will look like a normal calculator, but actually, the app can hide your folders, photos, or import documents from this app.

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