Top 5 New Features of Google Chrome 2018

google Chrome new features

Google launched its browser on September 2 Google Chrome and it has been completed for 10 years. Google has changed a lot in its browser, but this time Google has changed very beautifully and fun in Chrome. What is the reason

Below you have a video shared for this…


New Features of Google Chrome 2018

1. The Little Things

Google Chrome has changed its settings, you can export your password today and you can go to a new search.

And you will remember when our internet goes out, it becomes a dinosaur Google Chrome has changed it. Check


Below you have shared a video in which I have told you all the features

2. Form Filling

These features are very strict scripts, Google Chrome has saved your password, payment to everyone in it, and you can make anyone else guest in it.

3. Visual Redesign

As you can see, this new design of chrome has its tabs, it is in a rectangular shape and below you also have the setting icon in it, which is already completely different.

4. New Omnibox

These features are so good for me so far because in this feature, whenever you search something in the tab, you automatically got the information about it, you have shared a video for it too. and this feature will be available soon. It’s also coming in the Google Drive.

5. Password Manager

Google has kept the most attention passwords this time.

Watch This Video

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