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In the earlier post, I told you about Android’s DSLR App. In today, you are going to tell about the DSLR App of IOS, in this you will be told about the app from the iPhone, IPad and also IOS Devices, this is the 10 amazing app. Which will make you feel like a messier.

Well, there is a lot of app on the App Store but in the meantime, you will tell about the app which is very simple and it is very easy to use so let’s start…

DSLR App for IOS

1. Obscura Camera

Obscura Camera

Obscura Camera is a very great app iPhone+Ipad, and it has a lot of amazing and user-friendly features such as Focus control camera sensitivity, filtered, raw and live photo capture to easily control and There is also a lot of quality.

2. ProCamera


ProCamera is also a very good app. The specialty of this app is that you can also walk in your iPhone+Apple Watch, its features such as Selfie Mods, Rapid Fire Mode, 3 The Tiltmeter for Perfectly Strette Photos and many more features.

3. ProCam 5


In this application, you can do this with your Iphone+Ipad+ Apple Watch. In this app, you get in the shooting modes and you get the Times Lapse frame also you get 48/50/60 fps 4K Max High-resolution video support for videos and photos is also available in sub 4o (3840×2160) and 4x max (4032×2268).

4. Hydra – Amazing Photography 

Hydra - Amazing Photography 

This app is a very good and professional app for Iphone+Ipad+ Apple Watch.You can easily make a very difficult photo in less light. This app offers some great features like its 8-megapixel sensor and 32-megapixel high-resolution photos, and In Hydra, you have 5 types of capture mode available.

5. Manual – RAW Custom Exposure Camera

Manual – RAW Custom Exposure Camera

If you want professional camera app in which you want to make your photo professional by making some manual adjustments, then this is for you. This app is available for your iPhone + Ipad. This is a very powerful app. It lets you quickly and easily make your photos You can catch some of its features very well as you focus on the focus zoom, light & dark themes.

6. ProShot – RAW, DSLR Controls & Video 

ProShot - RAW, DSLR Controls & Video 

If you want to be a very good and professional photographer, and your answer is yes, then this camera app is for you. This app is available on both the iPhone + Ipad. This app is very awesome and has a lot of features in it, shot full resolution, manual & two fully configurable custom modes, 3d level with 5 different modes, You can also zoom with just one finger up to 50X and customize accent color on your iPhone and iPad.

7. Camera+


This camera app is also one of the very great apps. It is very good for the professional and efficient. It is available on your iPhone + Apple Watch. With this help, you can make your photos very wanderer and impressive. This is Amazing Features like with flash, touch exposure & focus, unique shooting modes & digital zoom, you can also make your photos shimmer with the built-in HDR feature of this app on your iPhone.

8. Hipstamatic 


With the help of this camera app, you can take a very beautiful and beautiful photo. You can take several photos together in the Hipstamatic app. These apps come with your iPhone + pad. It is a special feature of shutter speed, classic lens, crop, clarity, fade, texture, and many other features.

9. Cortex Camera

Cortex Camera

If you want to keep the quality of your device camera good, the Cortex Camera App is for you. This app is for your iPhone + Ipad. This camera app has a lot of unique and professional features such as you can use advanced image processing techniques combine information from multiple frames to remove noise and increase resolution and also has lots of features.

10. Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam

If you want to take a very wide and beautiful photo with your iPhone + Ipad + Apple Watch, then Slow Shutter is a great camera app out of the CAM. With this help, you can help you with ghost images, waterfall effects etc., unlimited shutter speed & manual ISO, full resolution support.

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