How To Scan Document From Mobile (CamScanner)

Scan Document From Mobile

In this post, you are going to tell you about an app that will save both your time and money. The name of this app is CamScanner. It comes in the use of scanning your documents, but there is a lot more to document scan app But for the easiest and used app, let’s start

You have to upload an online document while filling in many forms today. You fill out the form from your computer or phone sitting at home, but you have to go to cybercafes to make a document scan and have to make a document scan by paying. Today in this post, you will learn a way that will allow you to scan the document from your mobile phone sitting at home. In this way, your money will also be saved and you can complete the process of filling the form by sitting at home.


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First of all, you must install an Android app named CamScanner from the Play Store. This is the most popular scanner app in the Play Store, which is used by more than 50 million people. Until a few months ago, this app did not work properly on some phones of Shaomi and Samsung

It is easy to use this app. On opening the app, you just have to click on the camera icon and scan the document. The app does not only take the photo of the document but by applying auto settings and auto crop, the document makes the document scanned with a physical scanner. With this app, you can also scan multiple files simultaneously. Black and white, color, etc. mode will also be found in CamScanner. The documents scanned from this app are saved in PDF and JPEG and you can upload them directly from the phone.

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