Learn the 9 Dangerous Computer Viruses of the World

Learn the 9 Dangerous Viruses of the World

Let’s know what about the 9 most dangerous computer viruses in the world

1. Conficker

The virus that started spreading through social networking sites was launched in 2009. Its effects are computers running on the Windows operating system. This virus is used to steal banking data and information. After the virus attack, all the devices connected to the local network are also affected.

2. Mebroot –

The spread of this virus in 2007 is done through the website. The effect is that, when the computer comes in, the whole control takes over and copies in a few seconds become thousands. With this, hackers can do anything on their own.

3. Leap –

This virus was started in 2006. The virus first showed the effect of the Apple OS. This virus sends fake messages to people connected to i-chat via messaging.

4. Storm Worm –

This virus spreads through hyperlinks. It started in 2006. It gets installed on the phone after clicking on the incoming link with the mail.

5. My Doom –

It spreads through email, which comes with a mail transaction failure like Titel, because of which all data from the address book is erased.

6. Beast Trojan Horse –

It automatically gets copied and spreads in thousands. It started in 2002. This virus proceeds through the software. All the control of the infected computer is done by this virus itself.

7. I love you –

Due to this virus that started in 2000, the whole mail, server, and system crash. It is spread by email. It gets activated immediately after opening the mail.

9. Melissa –

This was the first attack in 1999. Many attacks are sent together with the user ID from its attack. It has been named after a dancer in Florida.

10. CIH –

The virus that started in 1988 is spread through a hard drive. This overwrites the BIOS chip overwrite.




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