Information About Internet

Information About Internet Made Is Easily - All About Techno

Information About Internet

Internet refers to a network that is connected to millions of computers around the world. To say this means that any system of any network can communicate by connecting to the system of any other network. That is, you can exchange information. The rules used to exchange information are called Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).

Internet Services

Information About Internet Made Is Easily - All About Techno

Some of its services are being mentioned here-

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) – File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files from one computer network to another computer network.

Electronic mail e-mail – This is called short e-mail. Through this medium, large amounts of information and messages can be sent or received by the electronic system at the speed of light. It can send letters, greetings or system programs to any part of the world.

Go-Four – This is a user-friendly interface. Through which users, programs and information can be exchanged on the Internet. Many Internet services are connected via Gopher.

World Wide Web (www) – Through this, the user can send information related to himself or his organization, etc. anytime in the world, and other users can also obtain information related to it.

Telnet – Telnet is used to transfer data. By this, the user is connected to the remote computer. After this, the user can transfer their data. To work on Telnet, username and password are required.

Usenet-Web network, Usenet is employed to gather many kinds of knowledge. Through this, any user will collect the required data from completely different teams.

The Veronica-Veronica protocol works through gopher. The user, Gopher, and SpeedWell can be easily accessed by any information that is valuable information that is received quickly.

Archie – Archie File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

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