How To Play Television Without the Internet

How To Play Television Without the Internet

Today you are going to tell you about a product in which you can play How To Play television without the Internet.

Whenever you are watching a movie on the net and when 4G data speed is over, buffering starts in live TV. Also, her picture quality is also not of high resolution. In this case, live TV viewing can be done with the help of a device that does not require any kind of internet data.


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– A user needs a TV tuner dongle to watch live TV on mobile.

– This dongle e-commerce website is easily available on Amazon with many other websites.

– The price of this device online is 1000 rupees and it can be higher.

It works like this dongle:

– This dongle works on DVB-T signals.

– This type of dongle can connect to the phone directly by watching the TV.

– The dongle has a micro USB port, which connects to the phone’s charger port.

– Dongal has built-in TV software that searches the channel according to a country territory.

– From this device, the user can view all the free channels anywhere.

– These devices will work only on Android smartphones.


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