How to Format a Computer?

format computer

Today I will tell you How to Format a Computer? If you have a new computer, then your computer needs to have an operating system installed. You can’t use a computer without the operating system. So you need to know how to install the operating system on the computer. There are many systems are available in the market. ex- Window, Unix, Mac etc. You can install and use the operating system as per your requirement.

Sometimes the computer slow down when you see it for a long time. or accumulate too much unnecessary data on your drive. At such a time, you can format your computer & install a fresh operating system. Or you can format your computer if you want to upgrade from your old system to a new operating system.

Important Tools for Format a Computer

You must have all the necessary thing to do in order to format your computer. They are:

To format the computer, you have a DVD with the operating system. or have a bootable pen drive.

Bootable DVD

To format the computer with the help of D.V.D. Your computer must have a D.V.D. drive. Otherwise, the external DVD drive will have to be connected.

DVD Drive or External Drive

By connecting the bootable pen drive to the USB port, you can format the computer.

How to Format a Computer

To format your computer, you need a Window 7 or 8 DVD. Or have a bootable pen drive. To format the computer with the help of D.V.D. Your computer must have DVD drive, otherwise, the external DVD drive will have to be connected.


If you have some important documents on the computer. then before formatting the computer, it is necessary to back up the necessary information on the computer in DVD, pen drive etc. Otherwise, after formatting your computer you will not get the data you want.

First of all, Insert the Window 7 or 8 operating system DVD into DVD drive. Then restart your computer. While the computer restart, keep pressing the F2 or delete button on the keyboard. the next window will open.

Now go to the boot options menu and select the first Boot Device CD/DVD Drive and select 2nd Boot Device Hard Disk. And Press F10 button. Or, using the arrow keys on the keyboard, select the save & exit setup option. save and exit setup window will appear to select the Yes option. Restart the computer by pressing the entre button. When the computer is restarted, press any key to boot from CD or DVD…_ message will appear. Immediately press any button on the keyboard.

The window is loading files…. that message will appear. And the necessary setup files will be copied.

The next window will appear for some time. It will be asked language, time, currency format, keyboard method etc. Select it & click on next button.

A window containing a Window 7 Install now message will appear in next window. Click on Install Now button in it.

You can install 32 bit or 64-bit operating system as per your requirement. Use the *86 option to install the 32bit operating system. Or use the * 64-bit operating system. Then the window 7 license terms window will appear. Select the I accept the license terms checkbox. Click on next button.

Then the next window upgrade or custom(advanced) will appear. If you want to upgrade from the old Windows to the new windows, then you can select the upgrade option. or if you want to install a new fresh window you can choose the custom option.

To install a new window, select custom option.

Next window will appear. Here you will see partitions of the hard disk. part 1 is the by default system reserved. the nest part means that drives are. If you want to format a partition before installing windows, you can format the partitions by clicking on the format option in the following drive options. All data on that drive is removed if the partition is formatted. If you do not want to delete or remove data on D Drive, E Drive etc. then if you leave it without having to format the partition then you can use the data on the drive even after the computer is formatted.

Next, select the partition that you want to install a window. Click on next button.

The window installation process will begin. During installation, the computer will restart a few times. wait till the installation process is complete.

The sign-up window appears when the installation process completes. It will be asked for username & computer name. Type it. Click on next button. Then the password will be asked. Type the password. Click on the next button.

The computer installation process will be completed. Now your computer is ready to use.

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