How Many Parts of Computers

Parts of Computer

Today I will tell you How Many Parts of Computers We use many devices while using a computer. Such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.
All of these Parts of Computers devices play an important role in the exchange of information between both of us. The language of the computer is binary language or machine language. In which only 0 and 1 two digits are used. And our language is a human language. That means computer language cannot be understood by us, and our language cannot be understood by the computer.

But various computer devices help us understand the language of each other. That means these devices play a role of the translator in between computer and us. So that the computer becomes usable for us.
Some devices in the are used to provide information to the computer, While some devices provide information to us.


The devices used to provide information to the computer are called input devices.The information about input devices is as follows.

1. KeyboardThe keyboard is an important input device. The keyboard is used to type information into the computer.

2. MouseThe mouse is an important input device. The mouse is used to select a different file, a folder in the computer.

There Is Three Main Type of Mouse:

1. Optical Mouse: Arrow pointer on the computer screen is controlled by the light rays emitting at the bottom of the optical mouse. The optical mouse is the most commonly used mouse type.

2. Mechanical Mouse: Arrow pointer is controlled by small round balls on the lower side of the mechanical mouse. The use of this mouse is reduced.

3. Wireless or Cordless Mouse: the Wireless mouse is a wireless device that coordinates with a computer through infrared waves.

3. Scanner

The scanner is used to store various type of documents and photo on the computer.

4. Microphone

The microphone is used to record sound on the computer. The microphone is an important audio input device.


The devices used to get information when using the computer are called output devices. The information about the output devices is as follow.

1. MonitorThe monitor is an important output device. The monitor is used to display information.

The output on the monitor screen is called soft copy.

The typical type of monitor is as follows.

CRT Monitor (Cathode ray tube)
LCD Monitor (Liquid crystal display)
LED Monitor (Light-emitting diode)

2. Printer

The printer is an important output device. The printer is used to print the information type on the computer.
A printer output is called hard copy. The resolution of the printer is measured in (dpi) dots per inch.

Some types of printers are as follows.

1. Inkjet Printer
2. Laser Printer
3. Thermal Printer
4. 3 D Printer
5. Plotters Printer

3. Speakers & Headphones

Speakers and Headphones are the most widely used audio-output devices. These devices convert the information on the computer into a sound that people will understand.

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