Dictation Speech Tools

How To Use Dictation Speech Tools

Today I will show you how to use Dictation Speech, Dictation Speech is very useful tools. This Tool is amazing & most interesting… What is Dictation Speech Tool Dictation Speech tool is basically used to Voice. If you say anything in it then he will write it down… This is a very amazing tool. How…


How To Use Reduce Image

Today, I will show you how to resize the image with the help of Reduce Image. In the last post, I will show you how to Resize the image with the help of paint in just 3 steps. You can read & watch the Article. What is Reduce Image Reduce an Image is a tool…

Google Fiber Speed Test

How to Use Google Fiber Speed Test

Today, I will show you how to check your internet speed with the help of google fiber speed test. In, the Last post I will show that how to reduce image with the help of paint. What is the Google Fiber Speed Test The Google Speed Test has been launched for 8 years, the purpose…

Parts of Computer

How Many Parts of Computers

Today I will tell you How Many Parts of Computers We use many devices while using a computer. Such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc. All of these Parts of Computers devices play an important role in the exchange of information between both of us. The language of the computer is binary language or machine language. In which…

format computer

How to Format a Computer?

Today I will tell you How to Format a Computer? If you have a new computer, then your computer needs to have an operating system installed. You can’t use a computer without the operating system. So you need to know how to install the operating system on the computer. There are many systems are available in…

Top 10 Best DSLR Camera For IOS - All About Techno

Top 10 Best DSLR App of IOS

In the earlier post, I told you about Android’s DSLR App. In today, you are going to tell about the DSLR App of IOS, in this you will be told about the app from the iPhone, IPad and also IOS Devices, this is the 10 amazing app. Which will make you feel like a messier.…