6 Most DSLR App, Which You Can Take Photos from Your Phone


Friends, all of us buy any phone, so the only one question is that the camera is in it? What we do most today is to take photos from the phone because we put them on social media. But where do we like the photos taken from the phone in the days of DSLR? So if you do not have a DSLR APP then with the help of these apps you can take a great photo.

Friends, take a nice photo from the phone and you can just look like the DSLR APP with the help of these apps. Friends, in all these apps you will get amazing features, then you must do trials.


1. Snapseed– This app launches by Google gives you a blur and a perspective feature With a perspective feature, you can make a photo such that photos are taken very far and can be reversed. In this, you will find so many features that you will get hours to use all.

2. AirBrush Most of you will be able to see the filters and you only have to select the photo and all will do it yourself and you can change it again.

3.Pixlr This app will be the most you like if you create a collage i.e. you merge the photo. Apart from this, you get cool features like layout and contrast.

4.Fotor With this app, you will find a great feature like Focus. In it, you will find a lot of tools and you can give your photo a nice look.

5.Faceapp If you want to pay more attention to the hairstyle then this app will be the best for you. In it, you will find lots of looks and simultaneously make your photo so that you will see more age in view and vice versa, which can make your photo even funky.

6.LightX If you want to pay more attention to the background in your photo, then in this app, you will get the background effects of the great. There are many more features that you will see.

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