4 Port USB Charger Station for Apple Watch

4 Port USB Charger Station for Apple Watch

In today you are going to tell about Apple’s new features. This is Apple’s charger port. I have told you in the bar of its features then let’s start.

Between your Apple Watch, your smartphone, and your tablet, there can be a whole host of devices on your nightstand that need charging every night. Streamline the number of dangling cords by your bedside with one charger that can power them all, like the Power Time Apple Watch Charging Dock. It features a separate wireless charging spot for your Apple Watch and comes with three USB ports. That means you can juice up to four devices at once while reducing wire clutter and keeping everything handy. Plus, its smart technology delivers an optimized charging experience for each device, so there’s no risk of frying or damaging your smartphone or tablet. Usually, the Power Time Apple Watch Charging Dock is $49, but you can get it now for $34.99.

4 Port USB Charger Station for Apple Watch

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New Apple Watch Series 3 Magnetic Charging Dock Standby Bright Stone


  • Could be used for all versions of the new Apple Watch (Fits BASIC / SPORT / EDITON models of either 38mm or 42mm versions of each model)
  • Easy cable Management for the Long Cable of the Charger, adjust the length as you need, also easy for taking with travel, light, and portable,
  • 2 ways of changing, nightstand model and regular model. The circular charger head placement with a Magnetic keep position.
  • Food grade Silicone, protect your watch and the charger during charging, avoids and scratching.
  • NOTICE: Stand only, Devices and cables not included.


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